Your Answers: What would you like to see under a microscope?

Last episode we learned about a photomicrography contest. Then we asked: What would you like to see under a microscope and why? Send in a photo with your answer!


“I would like to see watermelon skin under a microscope because I always thought the pattern was unique so I would like to get a closer look at it. Another thing that I would want to see closer up is the seed of a watermelon because I wonder what we can't see about the seed.”

— Ryan from Applewood Elementary in Brunswick

“Dear NewsDepth, I would like to see an undiscovered sea creature under a microscope, because I love marine biology and seeing an undiscovered creature would be awesome! The type of creature I would want to see? Probably a baby jellyfish. Undiscovered of course.”

— Harrison from St. Francis De Sales Parish School in Akron

"I would like to see some kind of insect because I think that it would have all sorts of different patterns or stuff that we can't see because we can't see up close."

— Ella from Claggett Middle School in Medina

“I would like to see inside a diamond I think it would look sparkly.”

— Philip from St. Ursula Villa School in Cincinnati

“I would like to see a cupcake under a microscope because I need to see what I’m eating so if anything is in it.”

— Jocelyn from Valley Forge Elementary in Huber Heights 

“I would like to see an ant under a microscope because they’re so small and I think their face will be creepy. And I also wanna see its skin because I don't know if it has hair and I wanna know because it might look cool.”

— Enzo from Lander Elementary in Mayfield Heights

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