Your Answers: What positive word would you choose to represent 2021?

Last episode we learned about Merriam Webster's word of the year: "vaccine." Then we asked you to write to us: What positive word would you choose to represent 2021?


“The positive word I would use to represent 2021 is ‘engaging’ because a lot of exciting things have happened during 2021. For example, I made a lot of new friends; I spent a lot of time with my family; and more! I have seen friends I haven't seen in a couple of years and made even more friends. I have gone many places and have done many fun things with my friends and family.  I have created s many amazing memories during 2021 and hope I can create more in 2022! That is why my word to represent 2021 is ‘engaging.’”

— Breilynn from Fayetteville Perry Middle in Fayetteville

“I think ‘calm’ would be a good word to represent 2021 because people may be scared of the new type of coronavirus, so it would be a good idea to stay calm and don't be scared.”

— Marley from Kensington Intermediate in Rocky River

“For this year’s positive word, I would choose ‘resilience’ because this word implies hope, faith, and possibilities. 2021 was a hard year, but a lot of people overcame COVID-19. That's why I chose ‘resilience’ for this year’s word.”

— Tess from Independence Middle in Independence

“I would choose ‘improvement.’ I would choose this because we are making an improvement from the previous year and because we have gotten back to doing what we love.”

— Amelia from Minster Elementary in Minster

“I would choose the word ‘fabulous’ because I think that the word ‘fabulous’ represents how most people have gotten the Covid vaccine. Also, I think it represents how COVID-19 levels have gone down this year.”

— Wasquinae from William Bruce Elementary in Eaton

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