Your Answers: What cultural celebrations do you participate in?

Last episode we learned about several recent holidays including Diwali and the Day of the Dead. Then we asked you to tell us: What cultural celebrations do you participate in?

“I celebrate Native American Month because I am 55% Native American, thanks to my great grandmother, she is 95% Native American and we celebrate that. Nothing crazy just eating different foods all month and learning native dances.”

— Aamaree from Elmhurst Elementary School in Toledo

“I celebrate Thanksgiving just to get together with my family. I also pray before a big dinner that my Nana cooked. When we pray, we all lock hands and we have so much family that when we lock hands and bow our heads there is a big circle surrounding her whole house! Then we eat until we can't anymore and we are all thankful for our meal and also thankful for our family's togetherness! That's my cultural celebration.”

— Carson from LaMuth Middle School in Painesville

I celebrate Hanukkah. I celebrate it because my dad is Jewish. The fun thing about another holiday is that you get to light candles every night. (I'm Catholic). That is why I celebrate Hanukkah.

— Jacob from Hilltop Elementary School in Canfield

I also celebrate the festival Diwali. It is so amazing! We light candles and do pooja. I eat all of the Indian food I can and I love it!

— Alysa from Portage Collaborative Montessori School in Canton

“One cultural celebration I celebrate is a Mexican tradition, El Dia De Los Santo Reyes. We celebrate this holiday every year on January 6th. This tradition is about the birth of Jesus and the Santo Reyes are the three kings who brought Jesus his first gifts. So, just like they did to Jesus, they give us gifts too! They often show up with money, but you can ask for other things too. And they weren't that wealthy so you had to make sure you didn't ask for something too expensive. The night before they came by our house and gave you gifts, first you had to put out your shoe and they put things in there for you and you can even give other people your shoe to get more things! The night after you got your gifts, family members came to give you your gift the Santo Reyes brought you and we eat the Rosca de Reyes (sweet bread with fruit topping). Rosca de Reyes has a little tiny doll (supposed to be Jesus) in there and whoever bites into it has to make tamales! I love El Dia De Los Santo Reyes.”

— Paloma from Strongsville Middle School in Strongsville

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