Weekend Radio

WRC 1807
Running time: 58:00

February 16 - 18/18 

FILE #1 
:25 tone, then :30 silence

FILE #2   
Up In the Morning With Winch – Bob and Ray
                                   RadioArt CD 4011 (4-16)  
TRADITIONAL/ROZANKOVIC: The Devil’s Reel – Angele Dubeau, violin;
La Pieta                          Analekta CD 8723

6:53      I’m Robert Conrad       :03 PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT

FILE #3  
The Vatican Radio Accepts Commercials: Hits of the 11th
Century - Second City             WFMT recording
Classical Radio Record Offer – Franklin Porath and Robert Conrad
                                  WCLV Recording    
Hits of the Future – Vestibules   Boppo CD  01
Great Square Inches in Art – Robert  Conrad
                                  WCLV Recording
ROBERTS: The Tremolo Trot – Paragon Ragtime Orchestra/Rick Benjamin
                                  New World CD 80795
Marginal Considerations with Jan C. Snow: Socks
WALKER: Lord of the Socks – Mary Lu Walker
                                  KRS CD 1021
This Week in the Media                                     
27:27      I’m Robert Conrad      :03 PAUSE TO INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                              

Stan Freberg Radio Show – Episode 4: Great Moments in
History (Paul Revere); Herman Horne #1; Lox Radio Theatre; Yellow
Rose of Texas (CBS 08/04/57)
                                  Radio Spirits CD 190537
STATION SALUTE: Monroe, LA, KEDM, 90.3 Sunday 11:00AM
57:20 CONRAD OUT THEME TO 58:00      
58:00 :20 PAUSE THEN NEXT PROGRAM PROMO (:30) Tag:  :08
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